The Genesis of the Geschichteclub

how it came about

The 40-year anniversary of VOEST in 1985 and the action of the Austrian Trade Union Federation "Dig where you stand" were the impetus for the founding of the Geschichteclub.

On  January,12 1987,  three VOEST employees in retirement, Helmuth Gröbl, Ilse Hauptmann and  Alois Kriechbaumer, decided to  found a Club in order to clear off and investigate the historical development of VÖEST.

Two office facilities in the Werkshotel Nr.2 in Linz, Glimpfingerstraße 59 could be acquired to start work.

After about two years starting phase on  9th October, 1989, the History Club VOEST was registered as a Club, and already 25 pensioners were actively involved as volunteers.

The permanent exhibition on the historical development of VOEST was then opened on 10th April 2000.

 In October 2014, the Geschichteclub celebrated the 25th anniversary.

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