LD converter number three

Product exhibition at the Vienna fair

Spherical form piece for the Hydro Power Plant "Reisseck" in Austria

1950 to 1959

Brief Extract from the Chronicle



July 11, 1950
Employees who worked a minimum of 5 years in the company (beyond their 18th birthday) and showed excellent behavior received a certificate called "Member of the Permanent Staff". They enjoyed some advantages like priority to get jobs for family members, some security not to lose the job, better promotion prospects, financial support for building homes, financial assistance at marriage or at birth of babies, etc. Anniversaries like 25-, 40-, or 50 years employment with the company are rewarded with financial gifts.

August 3, 1951
Inauguration of the "Slab Mill" (first extension phase of the rolling mill with US help).

May 9, 1952
After long negotiations between BOT (Brassert-Oxygen-Technik AG, Zurich) and the nationalized companies VÖEST and ALPINE MONTAN an agreement was signed: The international commercialization of the LD-patents became the responsibility of BOT-Zurich.

January 5, 1953
Inauguration of the LD plant Nr. 1, as the first oxygen steel plant worldwide, as well as of the Hot Strip Mill.

February 25, 1953
The VÖEST company received a patent document from the Republic of Austria titled "Method to produce Steel" (Patent Nr. 174070). It deals with the LD-Steel which will be produced by injection of oxygen into the molten iron bath with a water cooled lance inserted into the converter.

August 15, 1953
The VÖEST public baths at the Weikerlsee was officially opened by General Manager Hitzinger. It offers cabins, a canteen and a sandy beach for the employees and their families.

October 29, 1953
The Inauguration of the Cold Rolling Mill Nr. 1, which was built with financial support from the Marshall Plan, took place.

May 3, 1954
Dr. med. Friedrich Wechselberger began his occupation as accident surgent in the VÖEST company.

June 12, 1954
Inauguration of the VÖEST athletic grounds by General Manager Hitzinger, in the course of a grand sports day.

May 15, 1954
The "Austrian States Treaty" was signed by the Foreign Ministers of the United States, Great Britain, France and the Soviet Union in the Castle of Belvedere in Vienna - 10 years after the end of World War II.

February 4, 1957
Blast furnace Nr. 2 was blown in again. The first time after the war VÖEST had four blast furnaces in operation and one as stand-by. The annual production of pig-iron was thereby increased to 350,000 metric tons.

July 4, 1957 VÖEST signed a License Agreement with the American Hydro Turbine Manufacturer "Baldwin Lima Hamilton Corporation" from Philadelphia.

December 15, 1958
The VÖEST-owned freight vessel "Linzertor" was christened in the shipyard at Flensburg.

March 21, 1959
The VÖEST vessel "Linzertor" arrived in the New York harbour. After unloading it continued to Hampton Roads in order to load coal for the return trip. The Linzertor was built completely of LD-Steel.

July 10, 1959
General Manager Hizinger (VÖEST) and Richard Thomas (Baldwin Hamilton) signed a License Agreement for the use of the LD-steel production process.


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