The VOEST-ALPINE Plant in Donawitz

The Brass Orchestra of VOEST-ALPINE

Transportation System for the Automobile Industry

1990 to 1999

Brief Extract from the Chronicle

February 5, 1990
The exhibition "Reichswerk - Stahlwerk - Lebenswerk", designed and installed by the Members of the Geschichteclub, was opened. VOEST- ALPINE General Manager Dr. Peter Strahammer presided over the opening ceremony.

April 13, 1990
The most modern and also largest telephone central office of Europe went into operation in the VOEST- ALPINE Plant in Linz. It can handle approximately 150,000 telephone calls per hour.

June 11, 1990
The VOEST- ALPINE Medical Department was empowered to operate as "Industrial Medical Center".

June 27, 1990
The first 100-meter long rail, produced at the Donawitz Plant of VOEST- ALPINE, was laid at the Semmering Railway Track. Mr. Übleis, General Manager of the Austrian Railway System, was among the honored guests.

September 21, 1990
VOEST- ALPINE Stahl presented its Environmental Report in the course of a conference. It was accepted positively.

January 1, 1991
The "Austrian IndustriesTechnologies AG" was established and Dipl.-Ing. Othmar Pühringer appointed Chairman of the Board.

June 19, 1991
The "Geschichte- Club VOEST" published the first book titled "Geschichte der VOEST". The book is a comprehensive documentation written on the occasion of the 50th birthday of VOEST. All of the authors are Club Members.

May 18, 1992
In the course of the "Österreichischer Eisenhüttentag", for the first time held in Linz, the 40th birthday of the LD Steel was celebrated. To this occasion the Geschichte- Club VOEST laid out a 5 Schilling postage stamp.

March 6, 1993
The automaker General Motors awarded the title "Supplier of the Year" to VOEST- ALPINE Stahl Linz.

November 5, 1993
The VOEST-ALPINE Foundry in Linz celebrated its 50th anniversary. The Non-Iron Foundry became 40 years old.

March 30, 1994
Foundation of the VOEST- ALPINE Kindergarten.

November 25, 1994
Presentation of the book "Bauten für die Welt" ("Constructions for the World"), written by Civil Engineers. The book documents on 1,100 pages the constructed Industrial Plants completed by VOEST.

June 24, 1995
The Jubilee "50 Years VOEST" was celebrated. The "World of Events" attracted about 140,000 visitors. Those were not only informed about the Company but also about the future strategies, like the future quotation on the Stock Market. The Red Cross together with the Company Medical Center offered to visitors medical advises including vision tests, blood pressure measurements etc.

September 19, 1995
Beginning of the event "Achse des Ofens" in the LD-Steel Plant Nr. 1 which was organised on the occasion of the "Festival of the Regions" as well as the first quotation of VOEST- ALPINE Stahl on the Stock Market.

November 20, 1995
The Geschichte-Club VOEST published the second book titled "Geschichte der VOEST - Volume 2".

March 19, 1996
The leading European Steel Producers met in the Design Center Linz to discuss the future of the material "Steel".

September 21, 1996
100,000 interested people came to the "Day of Open Doors" at the VOEST- ALPINE Plant Linz. The magics of Steel and Railways were marvellously combined to a wonderful event. Extra trains arrived from Nürnberg, Munich, Vienna and Selzthal.

February 28, 1997
The Slab Caster CC 5 was put into operation.

September 24, 1997
The Wuppermann Company purchased between 1987 and 1997 more than 1 Million tons of Hot Rolled Wide Band Steel. VOEST- ALPINE has a 30 % ownership in Wuppermann. To this occasion a "Jubilee Steel Coil" was handed over to the management of Wuppermann.

November 24, 1997
The Geschichte- Club VOEST celebrated its 10th birthday. On this occasion the Geschichte- Club presented the film "St. Peter, das verschwundene Dorf" in the presence of many prominent persons from the municipal office as well as the General Manager of vOEST- ALPINE, Mr. Peter Strahammer.

December 1, 1998
A Committee of Historians, which is to analyse the history of the former Hermann Göring- Werke, began to work. Around 38,000 personal data and pay rolls are the basis to work off the occurrences between 1938 and 1945. These personal data and payrolls, for decades stored in an air-raid bunker, were discocered by accident during a search for material from this period of time.

January 15, 1999
After four years of intensive research & development the COLOFER equipment produces completely chromatic free, that is essentially more environment- conscious.

October 19, 1999
The VOEST- ALPINE Stahl AG was the winner at The Stock Exchange Vienna as best- performing company in one of the categories.

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